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A Personal Approach to Get You Moving Well and Keep You Moving


Chiropractic & ART

Chiropractic and ART are a perfect combination to address all musculo-skeletal issues and injuries. The two together can treat almost any ailment you may have and do it quickly and specifically.


ART, due to its touch-based, diagnostic treatment methods, is able to avoid the ‘cookbook’ or ‘recipe’ approach to the treatment of non-specific syndromes. Every muscle and nerve entrapment site is assessed, diagnosed and treated from over 500 ART protocols for muscles and nerves.


What is ART?

First and foremost, unlike other soft tissue treatments, ART is a combo of art and science. ART is a hands on treatment that allows the doctor to assess, diagnose and treat tissue all at the same time. Due to the specificity of ART, the doctors hands are able to feel and track the quality of tissue that they are treating.

Meaning, the quality of the tissue (Texture, tension and adhesions as well as nerves) tells the doctor where the problem area is and where to treat. Quality can include tissues that are dehydrated, have adhesions, or its ability to slide and move. All of these can vary throughout the body and at varying degrees of texture and tension depending on the tissue.

ART doctors can actually assess that tissue, diagnose the location of tension, adhesions (scar tissue) or restriction of motion and restore that particular tissue to normal. Normal texture, normal tension (or in this case relaxation) and normal movement.

Nerves!! Another great aspect of ART is its ability to find adhesions on nerves or between nerves and the muscle they move through. This is common in hands and feet where a nerve is entrapped somewhere up the line (neck, shoulder or elbow areas) and causing symptoms someplace else (think “funny bone” - when you hit your inner elbow you feel it in your pinky).

This is what makes ART the literal Gold Standard of soft tissue care. While others are good and definitely help, none can compete with the specificity and quickness that ART can provide in treating soft tissue injuries and pain.

Physical Therapy 

We provide personalized Physical Therapy services to get you out of pain, to rehabilitate you from surgery or injury, and to improve your movement and overall physical ability. 



We provide therapeutic massage to help address specific problems, relieve pain, and reduce stress which can help manage health conditions and enhance wellness.


FMS and SFMA are assessment modalities to uncover dysfunctional movement patterns that lead to or cause stiffness, aches, and chronic pain. These issues may and can be due to problems with mobility/flexibility or stability/motor control. Once identified through the screening process of FMS / SFMA, we link the assessment information to the ideal therapeutic strategy and initiate the most appropriate treatment plan (Active Release, functional exercises, or both). This personal rehab program is implemented to fix dysfunctional movements and normalize your bodies ability to move correctly.

Beach Run


We want to get you back stronger than you were before and build resilience to the rigors of sports and have you performing at your peak physical fitness.


TPI Assessment evaluates the functional movements and biomechanics of a golfer’s swing to analyze their body’s kinematics and physical capabilities. This assessment focuses on the Body-Swing Connection™ to help determine limitations and enhancements that are possible in a golfer’s swing to maximize their abilities on the golf course.

Image by Courtney Cook


Blood-flow restriction training can help athletes increase strength gains while lifting lighter loads, which reduces the overall stress placed on the limb. Great for return to sport training post injury/surgery.

Exercise and Rehab

Here at SHARC, we use exercise and rehab to improve your overall strength and coordination to restore the body's natural functions and movements. By doing so, you are able to not only return to your normal activities, but dominate your tasks consistently as well.



Whether it be headaches, energy levels, or pain, nutrition can play a part in your overall health and wellbeing. Supplements can give us extra nutrients that we may be missing from our daily diets.

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