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Aurora Balan, CMT

Massage Therapist 

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Aurora Balan has a Massage Therapy License of 720 hours, plus additional hours of continuing education with well known instructors such as Erik Dalton and Adrian Carr. Prior to Massage Therapy, Aurora practiced LVN Nursing for 7 years in a variety of settings and enjoyed making a difference in her patient's lives. She has received her MassageTherapy Certification with high honors from Concorde Career College where she also completed her LVN school. Aurora is a member of the ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals) and is Nationally Certified as well as State Licensed for Massage Therapy.


For those who suffer from debilitating pain or chronic ailments, and refuse to rely on pills or surgery, there is hope. The key is to work regularly with a Certified Massage Therapist who focuses on Medical Massage. But they mustn’t stop there. Pain and other symptoms are signs of imbalance and disharmony throughout the body. One must address all angles of their health to achieve optimum well-being. This may include Internal Medicine (Functioning of bodily systems, organs, digestion, diet, and nutrition), Skeletal Health (Alignment and Posture), Muscle and Flow (Muscles, Energy, Circulation, Blood Flow) and of course making changes in one’s lifestyle (Exercise, Stretching, Changes at work or at home.)

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