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Sustainable Health & Rehab Clinic 

SHARC is the place for anyone that is busy, into sports, training,  Olympic lifting, Crossfit, F45 or any of the others. 
We are you!  Dr. Conley and his Associates have a 20 year career of working with everyone mentioned above and all age groups in not only treating their injuries, aches and pains but more importantly, doing it while keeping them moving. Give us someone with a bad knee - we assess, treat and train you to keep moving while you are healing and recovering from your knee injury. 


 If you are having trouble finding the end of your treatment or not getting out of it what you want, CALL US, and give us a try. 

Our Method

At SHARC, we keep our mindset simple. We DO NOT believe in chronic care. All treatment plans have a beginning and an end.  All of our methods, assessments, treatments and rehab specific to your needs are all geared with an end in mind. Treatment is NOT a lifetime event. We have designed a program for anyone looking to improve their movement or perform better. Sharks keep moving, and our goal is to keep you moving too


Our Services

What we treat and how we can help

Leg Injury

Personal Injury

Car Accident

Physical Therapist

Chronic Pain

Sports Injury


Rehab and Training

Strong Man
Rehab and Training Principles and Expectations

Rehab and Training Principles and Expectations

All Categories
All Categories

Lat-Tri Stretch

Fascial stretch

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